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View of Warehouse at Buffalo Trace Distillery
Courtesy Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Distillery

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Written by Julie Greiner
Buffalo Trace Distillery is located in Franklin County, Kentucky, at an ancient buffalo crossing that became a pathway for westward moving explorers, pioneers and settlers. The bold spirit of Kentucky's ancestors lives on at Buffalo
Trace Distillery, which stands as one of America's oldest distilling sites. The site's rugged flavor has been preserved for the benefit of Kentuckians, guests and visitors. The Buffalo Trace Distillery invites you to come and experience Buffalo Trace and feel the soul of adventure that is it legacy.

History of Buffalo Trace at a Glance

In 1775 the Leestown settlement was established when brothers Hancock and Willis Lee established their camp with a small company of men. They struggled to survive in the unforgiving conditions of a fierce wilderness and by 1789 the area
View of Courtyard at Buffalo Trace Distillery
Courtesy Buffalo Trace Distillery
held a thriving population. The abundant limestone spring water and fertile bottom loam-found to be perfect for growing exceptional grain, gave way to distillation and the distinguished bourbon heritage took root. There has been a working distillery on the grounds since 1787. The first modern distillery was built on the site in 1857, the first U.S. distillery to incorporate the use of steam power. E. H. Taylor, Jr., one of Kentucky's original bourbon aristocrats, purchased the site. By 1886, the distillery had introduced the nation's first climate-controlled warehousing for aging whiskey and earned a world-wide reputation for producing America's finest
bourbon. Albert Blanton took over the operation and in 1984 the distillery became the first to commercially market a single-barrel bourbon.

Kentucky Bourbon From Buffalo Trace

The distillery has a history of finely crafted, award-winning bourbons. In the last 10 years alone, Buffalo Trace bourbons have earned more than 40 top distinctions in national and international competitions, and is world renowned. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the distillery's namesake spirit. Made in celebration of the area's rich ancestral heritage, the bourbon embodies the bold and rugged soul of early America.
View of Thunder at Buffalo Trace Distillery
Courtesy Buffalo Trace Distillery

Courtyard and Gardens of Buffalo Trace Distillery

The Elmer T. Lee Clubhouse was constructed some 60 years ago, with 200-year-old logs from authentic Kentucky log cabins. The two-story building can accommodate groups from 30 to 250, a private bar area is available year round and the facility is equipped with a full kitchen. The rustic veranda and balcony overlook a tree-shaded courtyard and floral gardens. The grounds are complete with an ornamental stream and a quaint wooden bridge. The perfect setting for private parties, receptions, business meetings and conferences. Tours of the distillery include: a visit to the distillery museum, the viewing of a historic film, a walk through the century-old warehouse, touring the bottling facilities and a stop at the gift shop. For information call 800-654-8471.
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